"A powerful facial oil that blends 11 super nutrients and bio-actives, including vitamin c and lupine seed to restore the skin's youthful vitality."

3RIFIC natural skincare premium face oil  with 11 botanical plants


A delicate blend of plant oils selected from around the world  such as argan, baobab, olive, jojoba, sweet almond, evening primrose and more.


With lupine seed extract* and a new derivative of  vitamin C which boosts the  collagen for firmer and more elastic skin.


This Fragrance-free oil quickly absorbs into the skin without a greasy feeling to provide a high-level of hydration and leaves the skin enchantingly dewy with a soft and satin feeling.



Winner: Best Facial Oil - Beauty Hall of Fame 2017 Cleo Magazine, Singapore
Winner: Best Facial Oil - The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017, the UK


“A face oil powerhouse with 11 antioxidant oils and botanicals in one single bottle, this intelligent, natural blend covers all the important bases, from Lupine Seed Extract’s ability to increase the quality and quantity of collagen production, to Evening Primrose Oil’s radiance boosting and redness calming qualities."

- Fiona Klonarides, Founder of The Beauty Shortlist UK -


This lightweight, non-sticky and fragrance-free oil penetrates skin quickly to moisturize it. Made from a delicate combination of  best natural ingredients and organic plant oils sourced from coveted locations around the world. This powerful blend of natural ingredients like baobab oil, argan oil, squalane and grapeseed oil to reduce the visible signs of aging, Lupine seed extract and vitamin c also helps regenerate collagen to make skin firmer and more vibrancy radiance like none other.

3RIFIC Premium face oil



Warm 3-5 drops onto the palm of the hand. Gently press oil onto face and neck before moisturizer. For morning and evening, on its own, or with a moisturizer.


NO : Parabens, Mineral Oil, Fragrance, Color, Petrolatum / Paraffin Wax, Silicones, Propylene Glycol, Phthalates, Retinol, Animal by-products. Product not tested on animals.
YES : May contain traces of nuts / wheat. Suitable for vegetarians / vegans.
We strives to keep ingredient lists on this website as accurate as possible, we cannot guarantee that these lists are complete, up-to-date, and error-free. Please refer to the ingredients list on the product packaging for the most accurate list of ingredients. All ingredient photos on this website are for reference only, actual plants/raw ingredient may different.


Dekiria B :

“The 3RIFIC Premium Face Oil is and great product after one use I noticed how my skin glowed and didn't look dry and it always left my face looking and feeling refreshed…”

Sara c :

“Arrived in a simple white, very heavy paper box that was matte. The bottle itself is a clear frosted glass with a chrime topper. The topper had a built in pump to apply face oil. Has a very light, floral scent almost a lil woodsy. The oil absorbed very nicely didnt leave me feeling greasy. Gave my skin a fresh look. Was greatbunder my makeup no break down. 3rific premium face oil is a fantastic product i plan on purchasing in the future…”

 Johanna P :

“Like the texture it leaves my face nice soft I would recommend it its a very good product…”

Catherine d :

“My face used to be so dry it would hurt when I smiled n sometimes crack.. Now my face has a glow n has the right amount of moisture that I can go throughout my day without needing to apply lotions to my face.. This product is gonna change my life cuz my face feels. N looks great now…”

ashl9ey P:

"This product is amazing! Its like magic in a bottle. It has 11 plant antioxidants such as argan,grapeseed,sunflower,olive and soybean oil just to name a few. It also has vitamin C. It improves firmness and boots radiance. It soaks right into the skin without leaving an oily feeling. It feels incredible! Great product to add a little moisture to foundation…" 

Rebecca W :

“I am not normally a fan of face oils because they tend to break me out, and who likes that? Not this 30 something... HOWEVER, I am in LOVE with 3RIFIC Premium Face Oil. Not only is in it a sleek, high end looking bottle, but it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft.. You know what it doesn't do? Make me breakout!!! This Face oil is enriched with 11 antioxidant oils and botanicals, and I love that it DOESN'T have parabens, harsh chemicals or synthetic color or fragrance. I just put 3 drops in my hand and pat it into my skin in the morning and night. I have noticed my face isn't as dry as it normally is, and I am definitely going to use this during the winter months!...”

Cathy P :

“I’m a huge fan of facial oils and this brand has definitely proven its worth with its organic list of ingredients. Without any synthetic ingredients like parabens and harmful chemicals, this oil uses a blend of oils (argan, baobab, grape seed, almond, primrose, jojoba, and others). The product looks impressive with its dropper bottle and its frosted look. When using the oil, I only need 3-4 drops and I appreciated that it isn’t greasy or heavy. It absorbs quickly into the skin. One noticeable detail is its scent. Since it does not contain any artificial fragrances, it has a bit of a musky smell that dissipates quickly after applying. It reminds me of the smell of manuka oil. One may be surprised by its price but it is a worthy investment!!

Shristi S :

“This facial oil is very lightweight, unfragranced. It has a thin consistency which allows it to sink in quickly on to the skin. Its a bit light for my dry skin so i mix it with my night moisturizer which gives me a good hydration. This oil has alot of beneficial properties, it has full of botanical oils and antioxidants which is great for every skin types…”

Stacy-Ann T :

“The bottle is so pretty and it comes with a dropper to apply to palm of hand. I use it on mornings and at nights after cleansing and toning, before moisturizer or on its own. I use about 2-3 drops which is sufficient. I gently press it onto my face and neck. It's not greasy or heavy and disappears into my face leaving it feeling very smooth and moisturized. I like that it contains 11 anti-oxidant oils and it's free of harsh chemicals...”

RosioFierro :

“Loving @3fific_skincare premium face oil. It has 11 Antioxidants with rich plant oils. My skin feels hydrated, soft, smooth and looks radiant. A small amount goes a long way. Its a light fast absorbing oil, its non sticky and claims to be unfragranced however I do notice a very light scent but once the oil absorbs the scent fades away. I recommend this product specially if you have dry skin. I have not noticed any signs of reduced fine lines however I have only used this product a few times. I will continue to use this oil and added to my skincare routine…”

Bailey R :

“I was a little skeptical of using a facial oil, thinking it would make my face oily or breakout, but it worked great! I really like the packaging, it's a large glass bottle and it looks very high-end and fancy. The lid has a dropper on it, which I really like because it makes it very easy to dispense the product. The oil itself has a pleasant scent to it. It goes on to the skin very easily. It takes a little while for it to soak into the skin, but it does sink in after some time. The directions say to use it in the morning and at night, but I found that it works better for me to use it at night or else my skin gets too oily. I think this oil will be great gor my face in the winter when my face is really dry, I will probably use ot twice a day like the directions say. Overall, this is a really great product. The packaging is really beautiful, and the product really makes my skin feel soft and look great in the morning. I would definitely recommend this product!...”

Lupe b :

“This is the first time ever trying a face oil, I was scared to get extra oily during the day. First time putting the 3rific face oil and wow my face never got oily which surprised me in a good way. It left my face feeling moisturized all day and it gave me subtle glow. The awesome part is that it's a vegan product made with natural products that will help my skin. When you first apply it to your hands it does have natural scent of oils which goes away in seconds after applying it to the face. Plus the bottle it comes in is so fancy made out of glass and it comes with a dropper which makes it easy to apply to your hands or face. I am excited to keep wearing the 3rific face oil and gain all the benefits too a healthy glowing skin…”

MelissaM :

“I am so excited to get this to try. I've been using it before my makeup application. The directions actually say to use it BEFORE you apply your moisturizer, so you get that soft and dewy glow. It absorbs into the skin quite nicely and quickly. I don't care for the smell, but it fades quick and really is the only thing I could complain about. The packaging is beautiful and the product is amazing!...”

Kischa a :

“I received this facial oil and it was SO exciting because I've always wanted to use a face oil I just never could find one that I liked and didn't have any scent lingering behind. I tried this oil after exfoliating and cleansing my face and it absorbed super fast there is no outside scent it literally smells like oil but it goes away another plus is that a little goes a long way with one or 2 drops I had covered the dry areas and my T-zone perfectly…”

 Nicole h :

“What a great face oil. It has so many nutritious oils in just one bottle you cant go wrong. The smell is a little odd but then again its literally PACKED with different oils, jojoba, sunflower , primrose, almond, olive ,and avocado oil just to name a few. It absorbs nicely as well, just a few drops on the tip of my fingers (3-4 drops) and messages on to your face . It come with a handy dropper top so its not so messy as oil products can be. After applying my face felt nourished and not overly oily…”

Jigisha B :

“I absolutely love this premium face oil. It applies so easily. Afterwards when I wear makeup, my makeup goes on so smoothly and flawlessly. It also doesnt clog my pores at all and even though I am typically very acne prone, I have had no breakouts using this face oil. The only thing I would like to point out is that it is a strange smell. It is not repulsive but it smells similar to argan oil…”