- To the person I love the most - 

"When I think about beauty, I always think about my mother as she represents true beauty both inside and out. The person who wears many hats throughout the day, the one who takes care of everyone in the family 24/7, 365 days per year. 

It all started with a simple thought to buy something for my mother as a It all started with a simple thought to buy something for my mother as a gift for every trip home, and the best activity to kill my time at the airport, while waiting to board is spending time checking out the latest products. I adore the beauty sections, where there are an array of the latest skincare launches. All those jars that promise better skin are just so appealing!

That was a turning point for me where the concept behind 3RIFIC starting to brew in my mind. When I create my products I had the same mindset to create something that will reflect the personality for people who live an active lifestyle. This line is for the person who has a number of responsibilities, but still wants to keep themselves as best they can with minimal time. At the same time when we have extra time we still can continue to pamper ourselves with more products and routines that we like to experience. It’s a truly customized solution to skincare.

For the over 10 years of travel, I’ve always ended up buying a lot of products and giving them to her as gifts. It just my simple gesture show how much I care about her. She is an active person and always on-the-go, so I’ve noticed that a lot of products are left on her dressing table, as she always goes back to the same essential items and towards those made from natural ingredients. Only when she has extra time will she will pamper herself a bit more with other products.

In the modern world today, we have the same 24 hours every day but sometimes a lot of responsibilities kick in. You may have extra hours on the road traveling, or a long commute time to work, but we also need to keep ourselves healthy. That’s a long term investment for yourself that you achieve by hitting the gym, eating right, and other lifestyle goals. Sometimes 24 hours is not enough, and we need to look into something that can help us to improve our quality of life, and utilize time wisely when needed.

That’s where 3RIFIC comes in to give you more time. It’s streamlined skincare, with highly concentrated natural formulas that beautify your skin.

That is where the inspiration and the drive me to create 3RIFIC for the person I love the most and for everyone."



"Everything I am, you helped me be"

Thank you, Mom.