"A refined, potent formulation of natural ingredients sourced from coveted locations around the world."


"Simplify skincare genre for every lifestyle"

 3RIFIC breathes new life into your skin, we are bringing to the skincare genre a more streamlined and effective way to take care of your skin. It's all about essential products.
Inspired by nature, we have created a range of products suitable for any skin type, including those with acne, rosacea, sensitivities, or hyperpigmentation issues. Natural ingredients that are sourced from only the most actively involved skin care regions. From the Mediterranean region to highly prized natural material from Japan.
Finding its origins in the simple wonders of natural ingredients combines with advanced biotechnologies to deliver high quality products with superior results.


Our products are combined with breakthrough technology and the advanced formulas strive to achieve the maximum results for each individual customer and focus on the area of skin concern. We’ve optimized and maximized ingredient concentration and select only stellar youth-boosting ingredients for healthier looking skin. Every drop will deliver real ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin with the formulas that are truly effective and also promote your long term skin beauty and wellness. It’s all about super three key products. 




100% natural, organic and natural derived ingredients. Our formulations are free of parabens, mineral oils, synthetic colouring, animal ingredients and harmful chemicals.


Our highly-concentrated, natural ingredients provide the essentials for an effective and easy to follow regimen that can easily go on every step that you take in your daily life.


Results are what matter most to our customers and to us. By using ultra-potent, antioxidant-rich and best natural ingredients that are proven to be safe and effective, we deliver consistent and exceptional results.



3 R I F I C combines the symbolic number three with the word ‘terrific’. Representative of balance and wholeness,

The number “3” resonates with the energies of optimism, kindness and creativity.

The word “Terrific” reflects our commitment to provide exceptional, exciting and news-worthy products.

When these two elements are merged, “3 R I F I C” reflects how exquisite collaboration and formulation are blended to create a new product based in purity, simplicity and efficacy. We offers only what is essential, balanced and exceptional, from the ingredients within to the bottle that travels with you.




Just as travel restores your spirit, 3RIFIC breathes new life into your skin. From a glowing sunset on the Mediterranean to the snow-powdered mountains of northern Japan, 3RIFIC transports you back to the exotic places it was sourced from.
Our own journey begins in Hokkaido, a city perched at one of the northernmost islands of Japan and known for its natural hot springs, rugged national parks, and volcanic isles. It’s here that we brought together some of the premier skincare experts of Japan with a collective 25 years’ experience in natural skincare. Through careful collaboration and consideration, we carefully formulated an advanced patented technology with powerful antioxidants ingredients with that transcends the purity, potency, and simplicity of any skincare products available on the market.
3RIFIC has taken "freshness" to new heights by incorporating active, living ingredients created in small batches for a truly premium experience. Our simple product design fits seamlessly into your current beauty routine and your travel bag.
The result is a well-rested, fresh face no matter what corner of the globe you happen to find yourself.